Friday, January 3, 2014

Days 2 and 3 – Playing in the Snow

run1-3-2014thirdcroppedDays two and three of my running streak challenge were dominated by what was announced to be a major snowstorm. It was supposed to start at 4 A.M. on Thursday and continue until 10 A.M. today (Friday) so I decided to go for a past midnight run on Thursday. I actually started running when the first snow fell and it turned out to be a good call, knowing that it would only get colder and snowier from then on. I only did 2.7k and it was great to be running in sleepy Brighton/Newton, undisturbed by cars. While Track Runner was working reliably on my Lumia 521, I had a bit of a measuring up the competition field day (or night) with our company HTC. It gave us valuable insights into how not to handle certain situations as we are driving forward the January update. Temperatures were not too bad at -7° C/19° F and my winter running clothes kept me mostly warm although there was room for improvement in the setup.
Thursday brought ample snow but not the raging storm we expected. A bit of a let down for nature sensationalists like me to be honest. ;) Nonetheless, I enjoyed not having to run in the new snow/sleet and was rewarded by beautiful sunshine this morning which made me seize the (running) day and show those -11° C/12° F who’s not afraid of the cold. And luckily, the improvements I made to my running outfit and the general getting used to colder temperatures meant that I enjoyed most of my icy winter run (or snow trot). The only problem was the snow “walls” that people shoveling their driveway left at each side or at the side of the road. I can’t believe how egoistic people can be to only shovel their own driveway and not even think to leave a hole/path for the sidewalk. (Sorry for ranting but it had to be said!). Needless to say my shoes were quickly drenched from ramming them into the deep snow and that made me return quite early. But honestly, I am starting to like the daily runs and it feels good to be active around this time of year. I hope you give it a try! Any tips are also very welcome!
The App Cauldron’s Sarah.
P.S.: This is a special shout out to one of our most loyal beta testers who has been testing Track Runner in rural Alaska. You can read about his adventures here. He also wrote a great side-by-side comparison piece on testing Track Runner v. Runtastic Pro v. Endomondo, which you can read here and here. Thanks @Alaskanjackson, and I bow to you every time I hit the sub zero Celsius streets of Boston.     


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