Thursday, December 19, 2013

Track Runner 101: The Calorie Counter or how long until I burned the turkey?

Oh dear, it’s that time of year again: The time of turkey and lavish feasts, Christmas tipples, holiday parties at work (we all know how those end), and the next temptation is just around the corner…
Wouldn’t it be great to know when exactly you have burned yesterdays’ food extravaganza so you can indulge without a bad conscience? wp_ss_20131220_0001

Well, the running you’re going to have to do yourself. But why not let your able running app take care of the number crunching for you? Just how good is Track Runner at calculating your calories burned you may ask.

As accurate as it gets thanks to research of Stanford University physiologists. We built a calorie counter that uses a mathematical formula that depends on your age, weight, height and gender to determine the exact calories burned during your run. Make sure you set your information in the settings!

So, you can rely on Track Runner’s calorie counter and help yourself to more turkey with the confidence that you’ve earned it.

On this happy note – enjoy the season’s blessings and keep running!
Your App Cauldron Team

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Press Review

We’re thrilled to see Track Runner featured on some very awesome and well-known sites. This is a selection of reviews and articles on Track Runner combined with a big thank you to all the reporters and bloggers who made time to write about our running app. Keep it coming!

WP Central: “Track Runner is an excellent fitness app for Windows Phone 8 aimed right at runners” full review

Gizmodo: Featured as one of the “favorite Windows Phone Apps of the week” full post      post in Portuguese

Nokia Conversations: Called Track Runner “fantastic” in their “5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week” full review

Nokia Power User: Calls Track Runner a must have full review

Windows Phone Magazine: A “clever and easy to use running app” full post

Have I missed your well-crafted article? Have Google and Bing deserted me? Let us know about more stories covering Track Runner and we’ll add them here.


The WinCentral: "A must have for any runner, Track Runner" full post

Our post on WMPoweruser can be found here "Track Runner: Perfect App for Your New Year's Resolutions" full post

Friday, December 6, 2013

Track Runner 101: The Performance Genius

Have you ever wondered how fast you could run a marathon or a half-marathon? There's only one way to find out: Train for months and months, suffer through a lot of muscle ache and eat a lot of food. Surviving those 26.2 miles is hard, but it's only the tip of the iceberg - serious preparation for a marathon involves running at least 80-100K per week.

Runners know it's not possible to "test-run" a marathon. release6So - how do you find out your approximate marathon time? Track Runner offers a super convenient way - the Performance Genius. All you have to do is to track a new run and push as hard as you can for at least one kilometer (we recommend 5K or 10K, as this will be more accurate). Then tap on Performance Genius in the main menu and it will tell you your predicted marathon time.

The Genius does much more though! The Genius will look through all your runs and search for your best performance. You can tap on the purple row to see which run that is. See that Delta column? It tells you the difference between your actual record for a certain distance and the predicted time. In the picture, the records are based on my 5K record of 22:05. Based on this performance, my predicted 10K time is 45:51, which is 1:49 faster than my actual record.

Want to find how fast you could run a marathon? Download Track Runner and find out! Our free Trial includes the Performance Genius feature.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Track Runner Featured by WPCentral

Today, Track Runner made it into the Windows Phone hall of fame. WP Central's Sam Sambri calls Track Runner:
"an excellent fitness app for Windows Phone 8 aimed right at runners. [...] By far one of the coolest features in Track Runner is the ability for the app to automatically determine when you’ve completed a lap and to provide you with information like lap time, split, etc. [...] Another neat feat that Track Runner accomplishes involves the ability to help you determine how you’d do running a marathon. The feature is called Performance Genius and uses the McMillan running method to help you calculate what would happen if you ran."
Make sure you check out the full article at