Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Track Runner v. 2.0

I am thrilled to announce that Track Runner’s major update has just been submitted and will be out shortly. AppListWhiteBG

As this is a  significant update both on the content and design front we’re going to give you a proper walkthrough video soon. For now, let’s take a sneak peek at the new look and features you’ll be able to enjoy.

We’ve expanded Track Runner’s statistics, now offering elevation profile, weather data, and a first glance view of your most recent achievements.

We’ve revamped the run screens which now feature a battery saving option as well as the large and small map screens. When pausing the run, an easy to navigate menu offers quick help and access to all the necessary run settings among other features.

Most notable in this context is our coolest new social feature: live tracking. You can send your friends a link via facebook or text message and they can follow your run and even cheer you on while you’re running. Messages are read out to you via voice notifications as you go so it’s a guaranteed motivator. Speaking of motivation: if live cheering doesn’t get you on the track, maybe our new live tile with gentle reminders will do the trick.

Another neat new feature is gear tracking. This allows you to track your mileage on your shoes or other running gear. Once you’ve added your gear, the app will keep track of additional mileage automatically while you watch in amazement how well your favorite running shoes are holding up. 

It wouldn’t be an update without plenty of bug fixes and we want to sincerely thank you for giving us great feedback to keep improving our app. Thanks to your input, we considerably improved handling, language support, stability, and support on low memory devices.

TwitterIconLast but not least, we’ve completely redesigned Track Runner and think we’ve achieved a much sleeker, calmer UI experience. Special thanks goes to Emily Theis for our new app tile and some font guidance. We also thank Arturo Toledo (whom much of our run screen redesign is owed to) for keeping us “on the grid.” :)

I hope you like our new look and are looking forward to exploring the new features as well. For those who aren’t yet using Track Runner there’s even better news: the app is now completely free and still without annoying advertisement or sign up requirements. So, what are you waiting for? GET! IT! NOW! http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=95c6a10c-84a7-4c26-98eb-5d6b9df93698

                                     The App Cauldron Team


  1. Hello..i started using the app and its quite good..but i have no clue how to import gpx files into it..No mention of it anywhere

  2. Hi Rohan,

    I'm glad to hear you like our app. If you email the gpx files to yourself and tap to open them on your phone, your phone will prompt you to choose an app with which to open the files. Simply choose Track Runner and the runs will be imported into the app. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us at any time via the in-app support feature (start page app bar). We are also active on Twitter as well as @TrackRunnerApp.

  3. HI,

    I just installed the app as I think it looks like it might be better for my run trakcing that Endomondo. I've got a couple of issues however;

    I imported (using the method your descirbed above) some of my GPX file from Endomondo which seems to have worked fine, but now I've got some of my best times showing as negative values? For example it says my fastest 1000m is -8. I've removed the runs I think are cuasing this but do you have any idea why it might be? I was looking forward to using the genius predictions but its a bit difficult to emulate when I'm running at negative speed :-)

    Also, when run are backed up online how is this done and where are they stored? If I were ever to re-install the app, how would I get the software to re-download my runs again and is there any built in security for this?



  4. Dear Sam,

    Thank you for your comments!

    The next update, coming this week, will fix the "-8s" bug. Sorry about that. This will also fix the genius predictions.

    Run data is automatically saved after a run and when deleting runs. It's handled entirely automatic and does not require any intervention on your part. If you delete the app and reinstall it, using the same Microsoft account, they would be synced. (for example if you upgrade your phone etc.) We employ Microsoft's Azure cloud for online storage. Security: We use a variety of techniques, including shared access signatures and SSL to protect the data.

    Best, Sarah

  5. Hi,

    Thats great to know thanks, means I can probably import some more of my older runs so I can get a better picture of how I'm improving e.t.c.

    Couple more comments/suggestions;

    - I'm loving the pause menu, such a good idea to have quick access to settings e.t.c

    - I can't see an option to setup auto pause/resume on runs, is that added already or is it planned?

    - One of the features I did like about Endomondo was the share to facebook. I know we can do something similar with this but its only basic text, not a map and times e.t.c. Are you planning any greater integration at all?



  6. Hi Sam,

    The app actually includes auto-pause functionality, but it is only triggered if you completely stop moving for a while. The intention is to make the user aware of GPS problems and to pause "forgotten" runs. Constraints on access to sensors necessary to reliably detect and classify changes in the user's movement currently do not allow for an acceptable "auto-pause" feature similar to the recent iOS versions of Nike+. We are working with Microsoft on this. You will see some competitors claiming "auto-pause" functionality, implemented based purely on GPS data, but usually the user experience is very frustrating.

    Improved sharing: We know the current share is somewhat limited. What data would you like to share exactly?

    Best, Sarah

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