Saturday, February 11, 2017

Track Runner for Android Now Live in Open Beta

We are excited to announce Track Runner for Android is now live on the Google Play store. Please welcome Android users into our Track Runner family. :)

The open beta allows us to test the latest features and ensure compatibility and smooth performance on Android devices. We invite your feedback and hope you will share the app link with all your friends and family using Android phones. 

Track Runner for Android beta has most of the features of Track Runner v. 4.1 on Windows Phone plus a few extras like a fastest times map and food earned per calories burned - a nifty feature that shows you how much more pizza you can gobble up after a hard workout session. 

We also gave Track Runner for Android a face lift using material design principles so Android users will feel right at home in Track Runner. 

Check out Track Runner for Android here:



  1. awesome. i was using windows phone earlier and loved the trackrunner app. recently switched to ios 3-4 months ago and was desperately searching for trackrunner or something like that, but didn't found any. its great to know android based app is launched. now eagerly waiting for ios. :)

    1. Hi Abhishek, Thank you for your kind words and loyal usage back on Windows Phone. Stay tuned for iOS news. :)

      Cheers, Sarah & The App Cauldron Team

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  3. It am very happy that finally track runner is in Android. Earlier I have been using track runner application on windows. I was disperately searching this app in Android. Finally my dream come true. Thank you developer..

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