Friday, December 6, 2013

Track Runner 101: The Performance Genius

Have you ever wondered how fast you could run a marathon or a half-marathon? There's only one way to find out: Train for months and months, suffer through a lot of muscle ache and eat a lot of food. Surviving those 26.2 miles is hard, but it's only the tip of the iceberg - serious preparation for a marathon involves running at least 80-100K per week.

Runners know it's not possible to "test-run" a marathon. release6So - how do you find out your approximate marathon time? Track Runner offers a super convenient way - the Performance Genius. All you have to do is to track a new run and push as hard as you can for at least one kilometer (we recommend 5K or 10K, as this will be more accurate). Then tap on Performance Genius in the main menu and it will tell you your predicted marathon time.

The Genius does much more though! The Genius will look through all your runs and search for your best performance. You can tap on the purple row to see which run that is. See that Delta column? It tells you the difference between your actual record for a certain distance and the predicted time. In the picture, the records are based on my 5K record of 22:05. Based on this performance, my predicted 10K time is 45:51, which is 1:49 faster than my actual record.

Want to find how fast you could run a marathon? Download Track Runner and find out! Our free Trial includes the Performance Genius feature.


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