Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fitness Is in the Air – The App Cauldron Celebrating #MobileFit Month

Our friends from WP Central declared June to be #MobileFit month and our App Cauldron team is tackling the challenge head-on.

To give June a run for its money expect a Track Runner update end of May! Much thinking, tinkering, coding and testing has gone into this one but it is well worth it we think. We’ll get into the details once the update is published but let me promise you this: it answers our most popular feature request and in many way surpasses expectations. More soon.

While we finish up and put our last testing in – beautiful running weather here in Boston – we also look ahead. We are currently working on two more fitness apps that will sweeten MobileFit month for the more casual fitness/wellness junkie. Working with cutting edge software in cooperation with Microsoft, the apps will put soon to be released Windows Phone technology to maximum use.

Testing with all our phones

While Microsoft is kindly promoting Track Runner in its Windows Phone stores we’ll also be active spreading the word at the Heartbreak Hill Festival and in cooperation with local running groups. But of course we know that most of you out there have an iPhone or an Android device and I stopped counting “Is the app available for …” when it reached 3 figures. With that in mind and convinced that runners will benefit from Track Runner’s newest features, we have built up a small fleet of test devices. So if you don’t have a Windows Phone but would like to test the app – for example to blog about it - please shoot us an email on “”.

Be active – not just in June – and enjoy training with Track Runner!

Sarah and The App Cauldron Team

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