Friday, May 30, 2014

Track Runner Version 3.0 brings Interval Trainer and Pacer

We are very excited to announce that version 3.0 of Track Runner just went live, bringing interval workouts and a lot more. So for those of you that can’t wait – get it here: So, what’s new in this update?


There are a lot of activity trackers, but we wanted to turn Track Runner into your personal running coach. Does your coach babble on about your training being “half way done” when in fact you are sitting on a park bench and having an ice cream? (I wouldn’t want that as my coach!) The new intervals feature in Track Runner analyses your performance during your training and gives you voice cues to speed up or slow down so you train at the right level.

Preset are four interval workouts for different skill levels that adjust to your progress. But you can just create your own custom training in a few taps. Combinations are endless (figuratively speaking) with distance and time based intervals and adjustable intensity.

After your interval workout you can analyze your performance in your diary which shows you an interval by interval breakdown on how you have done.

TrackRunnerScreenshotIntervalTraining TrackRunnerScreenshotCreateTraining 9IntervalAnalysis


Pacer is a neat feature that I can personally see replacing freestyle runs most of the time. If you want to run 5k in 28 minutes for example, the pacer guides you through your run so that you keep running at a constant speed and don’t steam ahead in the beginning and are too exhausted in the end. It is great for improving your personal best. Advanced runners can enable negative splits, an effective strategy to improve race times and train energy conservation.


Redesign part 2:

We also continued redesigning the user interface. From diary to stats we made sure that entries are easy to read and pleasant to look at. The Performance Genius also got a facelift and countless other pages a bit of a tidy.

DIary1 Diary2 DIary5

8GeniusMisc. and bug fixes:

Finally, a few more tweaks: you can now challenge a friend via social networks to beat your record once you set one. We expanded the Help/FAQ section with useful tips about the new features as well as syncing runs and GPX import/export. We  fixed some bugs and improved stability. For example, if you had problems with your records being off or returning –8s after you imported a run from another tracking app into Track Runner, recalculating them (settings – general) will fix this issue.

We hope you’ll enjoy trying out our new features and are always happy to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy running!

Sarah & The App Cauldron Team


  1. Good morning

    Would you, at some stage, offer basic C25K type programs within the app - similar to runtastic and several others?

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks you for your suggestion. Training plans is of course one of the features that we are considering, and we are constantly discussing new ideas and working on new and improved features, so stay tuned.

    Hope you enjoy training with Track Runner!
    Best, Sarah

  3. Hi
    Do you have any plans to allow HRM?

  4. Hello,

    We are actively planning on implementing Bluethooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) heart rate monitor support. We are waiting for an update from Microsoft to the Windows Phone Development Platform to enable these devices. So, keep an eye out for Track Runner updates.

    Have fun running with Track Runner.

    Cheers, Sarah

  5. 1. Does this mean support for the new scorsche Rhythmn + and Mio Link? that would be fantastic!

    2. I know I asked earlier on about C25K training plans, but I have been using your preset interval training and they are just awesome! That is what I needed to improve my running pace and for me is more beneficial than C25K plans. Thank you!

  6. 1. At this point in time there is no update available to our previous statement. We know this is frustrating to many of our users, but unfortunately our hands are tied here. If you have one of these devices and would consider testing a new beta of Track Runner once we can move things forward, shoot us an email on

    2. Thank you! Evil thing is that as you improve, they get harder ;)

  7. Hello and thank you for developing this awesome app! I use it a lot while running/hiking. I use it even more while cycling (mountain and road). I love the live tracking feature which allows me to let my folks know where I am when I'm working out. The app works for cycling but it does seem to have a speed limit which sort of hinders it functionality as a cycling tracker (does not record top speed, etc.). I'm no pro, but there are downhill roads that allow me to go faster than 20 mph. :) Do you have any plans on expanding the apps abilities to cover cycling? Or maybe there is a setting I’m missing.

  8. Hi Joel,

    Thank you for your kind words! You're right, above 22mph (about 36 km/h) the app may not track correctly. The reason is that we designed the entire app very specifically at runners - calorie consumption, the diary, frequency of notifications, genius and gear, and the tracking screens have all been painstakingly designed to give the best possible experience while running. The speed cut-off is to ensure that runs don't accidentally continue afterwards (driving home, etc.).

    We are unlikely to add additional activities to Track Runner. The reason is twofold: Firstly, we're no cycling experts and aren't really sure what cyclists (etc.) want and need. Secondly, we feel the unique focus at runners would be lost if we attempted to include other sports. Having said that, we actually get quite a few requests about other activities. We are looking into market chances for a more general app based on our technology, but that will take some time.

  9. Hi Support,

    I'm still having trouble getting the auto pause to work. On one of my regular routes I have to cross a few roads and this normally means pauses of about 20 secs each. I'd have thought the app would pick a pause after maybe 5 sec, then wait for another 5 of activity before kicking back in?

    I can provide my GPX files if you need some logs to diagnose?

    Also, I noticed that when starting a run it takes a few seconds for the map to pinpoint my starting location and more often than not plots a few points before I've set off, do these count in anyway towards the actual run or does the software disregard this?



    P.S., just a feature request, I don't know if its possible but can you get the software to accept voice commands? maybe via cortana? Would be great if we could say things like "track runner pause" and "track runner pace" to get quick stats without having to take out your phone!

  10. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for your questions and feature request.

    Track Runner does not currently have an auto-pause feature. Rather, the app pauses a run after about 90 seconds of inactivity, when you hear the third warning that "no location changes have been detected for the last 30 seconds" (if you have voice notifications enabled). So, unless your wait at the traffic light exceeds 90 seconds you don't have to worry about the app not tracking the rest of your run. If the app detects significant movement while the run is paused, the run will not count towards your records but will still be recorded with pauses marked on the map.

    We are exploring ways to implement a true auto-pause functionality and will likely add it once we are satisfied that it works with sufficient accuracy. To date, most Windows Phones are missing the hardware essential for an actual auto-pause feature so relatively few users would benefit from this feature at this time.

    GPS noise (skipping, star shapes) or movement before the run is started or auto-started, or during pauses, does not count towards the run. It may show on the map during the run (intended to keep you informed about your location) but rest assured that this is discarded when saving the run. If you have auto-start enabled the app will start tracking your run only if you have moved above your walking speed (adjustable in the settings - general) for a certain distance (the message at the top should say "Get running! Tracking starts automatically.").

    Voice commands sound like an interesting idea. We'll look into it. :)

    Cheers, Sarah

  11. Me again! I am really liking your app. I tried the "pace" work out a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. Would it be possible to add a ghost runner to the "pace" work out? I know you are running out of real estate on the screen with the map and all the info, but maybe if you offered a second screen or a second option of ghost runner with the "pace" mode?

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. Glad to hear you enjoyed the pacer! We actually had a ghost mode on our list of features for the first version of Track Runner, but had to prioritize other ideas and features. We actually schedule features based on a mixture of frequency of requests and obviously an estimate market of appeal versus development time. I'll add this to the list of items to be discussed and will keep you updated when a decision has been reached.

      Cheers, Sarah

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