Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Track Runner Beta Update v.

Last week, we gave Track Runner a good overhaul including countless bug fixes, and implementation of great new features and now it's time to brag about it here.

So, what’s new?

Social network sharing as well as GPX import/export are now integrated. You can share a new best on Twitter, Facebook etc. Track Runner lets you import your GPX files from other running apps or email yourself (or others) GPX files of your Track Runner runs. We also included Performance Genius, a performance prediction tool based on your current record (in purple) which uses Greg McMillan's method of estimating optimal performance. What's up with all that purple? Find out in our new help/f.a.q. section.

Beta Testers? YES!

You can still sign up to beta test Track Runner. Simply send us an email including your Microsoft Account email address to beta testing@theappcauldron.com to join the beta tester ranks. As usual, we appreciate any pointers to bugs, general feedback, appreciation or even venting.

And last but not least: *drumroll* Release: We have just submitted the release for screening and publication. It will be in store with a free 6-run trial. The app will cost 0.99$ on the first day of release and $1.99 thereafter. We have tons of plans and there will be some pretty awesome features in the next updates... If you love our app and would like to give us good feedback, doing so once the release version is published will greatly help our cause. If you dislike the app, are experiencing problems or have any other concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to work things out.

Keep Track-Running

 The App Cauldron Team


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