Sunday, November 3, 2013

Updates and Brainstorms

Our developers have been hard at work improving Track Runner and it runs nice and smoothly now.

We fixed plenty of bugs and added a new mode of displaying map versus running stats during the run. You can find it in the general settings. Have a go both ways and let us know which one you prefer.

Another juicy feature is planned to be implemented *soon* so keep checking and tracking those runs.

Also, to those who haven't signed up yet, have a look at this. To join the beta tester pool party, just "rsvp" to, sending us your MS account email address. Can't wait to see you all aboard.

All the app building and tweaking got our creative juices flowing and we are looking much forward to realizing a few of our new app ideas in the coming weeks and months. Let's just say the Cauldron will be in its prime! Excited? And so you should be!

In the hopes you enjoy Track Runner despite the chillier temperatures we wish you happy running.

Your App Cauldron Team


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